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The origins of the word deck date back to the mid fifteenth century with both a nautical and structural meaning.
The word is made up of the Dutch words dec (material for covering) and dekken (to cover). In nautical terms it is known as a floorlike surface which is either wholly or partially occupying one level of a hull to gain structural strength and functionality.

In your property this historic word is used to create a strong and beautiful wooden structure to create a new room in your home. We will transform an area in your home to bring warmth, beauty, function, craftsmanship and art to you.

At Property Brilliance we will help you bring your ideas to life with our perfect craftsmanship and strength to create your new room in your home.

Whether your deck is to be stand alone, a path, raised, over old paving or to be incorporated under an existing or new roof, we can help.

We can also design and obtain council approval for a new patio roof to cover your new deck, please ask us today.

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